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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wool Diaper Cover

 Wool diaper covers are awesome because they are made of natural fibers and they are very breathable, great for overnight. The way the wool works as a diaper cover is it is lanolized to keep the wet in and to neutralize odors. Lanolin is a waterproof oil substance that comes off of the natural wool during processing.  You only have to lanolize your covers once a month, or when they start leaking.  Wool comes in a various styles, the top is a wool wrap which uses touch tape closures and works a lot like any other  diaper cover.  Next are wool longies which are wool pants to use as diaper covers that also keep baby warm.  The bottom picture is a wool soaker it pulls up like underwear. Another great thing about wool is it is so easy to make, all of these were made by me and I will have tutorials on how to sew each coming soon!

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