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Friday, February 19, 2010

Why cloth?

It saves you money! You can do it for yourself based on what you are spending on disposables, for example if you buy diapers in bulk you can get them down to about .23 cents per disposable diaper, then you multiply that by the average amount of diapers in a day.  Using the average of a change every two hours, except at night, you have around 8 to 10 diapers a day.  Multiply that by 365 days a year for 2 and a half years which is about the average time it takes to potty train.  So your math will look something like this:

.23 (amount per diaper) x 9 (for average diapers per day) = 2.07 (dollars spent on diapers per day) then
2.07 x 912.5 (amount of  days you will use diapers) = $1,888.88.

Side note 9 (diapers per day) x 912.5 (average amount of days) = 8,212.5 that is how many times you will change your babies diaper, per baby, awesome.

Wow, that is a lot of money! Now compare that to how much you could save by going cloth, if you buy expensive diapers they would be about $18.00 per diaper, multiply by 20 diapers (so you only have to wash every other day). So:

18 x 20 = $360

That is for some really expensive cloth diapers and you would save


So, you would have a savings of $1,528 and that would be using cheap disposables compared to the expensive type of cloth.  Now of course you do have to factor in the detergent you buy and the utility costs of water and power for the washings.  But still that is a lot of money saved, and you can save even more if you have more than one child because you would not even have to factor in that start up cost of $360 so you would just save the whole $1888.88!  Now, if that is not enough savings, consider if you used the cheaper kinds of cloth they are about $100 for the whole set, that is even more savings!

Need further convincing?  In our world of instant gratification we produce a lot of waste, via using the easier things in life such as fast food, paper towels, and disposable diapers.  The world can only hold so much waste and it can leech into our food sources and hurt the animals of the world, save the planet by using cloth!!

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