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Friday, February 19, 2010

How do I start?

Okay, you have convinced me, I am going to switch, but where do I start? First of all, decide which kind of cloth diapers you would like to use. Here is a pretty basic run down of the different types of diapers:

Diapers sufficient on their own:

AIO ( all in one): These are diapers that are basically the same as a disposable. They have either snaps or velcro to secure, they are just one piece, no work, just wash and wear. This is typically the most expensive type of diaper.

Pockets: Just a slight step away from the AIO. These diapers have a "pocket" in the back that can be stuffed to change the absorbency of the diaper. For example if you have a newborn you probably do no need to use a very big insert (thing you stuff in the pocket) because they do not wet that much. But if you have a toddler the wet more so you can stuff bigger or just more inserts into the pocket. These diapers are slightly less expensive than an AIO.

Diapers needing a cover:

Fitted: These diapers are similar to a AIO, but they need a cover over them so they do not leak. Out of the types that need a cover these are the most expensive type.

Contour: This a cross between a fitted and a prefold, it is like a fitted because it is shaped, but like a prefold because it does no have elastic and you can fold it smaller or leave it larger.

Prefolds: These are probably what the average person thinks of when they think of cloth diapers. They have to be folded and tucked to fit the baby. These diapers need a cover because they are just cloth and may leak. These are very economical, about $2.00 for a very nice one.

Flats: These are the oldest style of diapers. They are one layer thick and just a big flat square, they take some great techniques to fold. These are also fairly inexpensive, also about $2.00 per diaper.

Covers over a prefold, flat, contour, or fitted:

Wool: There are several types of wool covers, a soaker (pull on like underwear), wrap (uses snaps or velcro to fasten), or longies (basically wool pants). These are typically expensive, but easy and cheap if you make you own!

PUL ( polyurethane laminated fabric) : Is a cover that fastens with either velcro or snaps. It is fabric that is laminated on one side.

Fleece: Uses heavy weight fleece, there is either a pull up style or one that fastens with velcro or snaps.

This is just a brief overview, there are so many different combinations, you just have to find out what works for you!

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