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Friday, March 19, 2010


The all-in-one is by far the easiest diaper to use. After it is washed and dried you simply put it on then toss it in the diaper pail when it is dirty. There are different kinds of AIO's with sizing, there is either a one size fits all, which has snaps to alter the rise or a sized diaper which fits depending on the babies weight. The material the AIO is made of also varies, the inner of the diaper is made of an absorbent material, such as cotten, hemp, bamboo, etc. The outer of the diaper is made of a material that will keep the wetness inside the diaper, the most common outer is PUL ( polyurethane laminated fabric). This fabric is soft on the outside and more plastic feeling on the inside. There are a few AIOs that use wool or fleece as an outer, these usually have a snap in soaker instead of a sewn in soaker (sometimes referred to as an all in 2 or AI2) and are closer to the pocket style diaper. On the top right is a picture of the outside of an AIO with a PUL outer and velcro to fasten the diaper. The lower right picture is the inside of the diaper, which is 100% cotton flannel.

  • Very simple to use
  • Easy to wash
  • Only have to buy one set if using ones size diapers of diapers
  • More expensive
  • Not as versatile
  • Bulkier than other types
  • Take a long time to dry

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